Tokyo Outlet?

What is Tokyo Outlet subscription box?

Tokyo Outlet is Japanese pop culture figure monthly subscription box service. 

We offer pre-owned Japanese pop culture figure & collectibles monthly box filled with your favorite Japanese pop culture characters.

We also offer you the experience of authentic and real Tokyo life through Japanese pop culture!

Every figures we provided you is selected following High Quality, Cleanness and Good Condition guideline set by our team. 


What do I get in my box?

We promise you to have a surprise. You can receive authentic and unique pre-owned Japanese pop culture toys (figures and mini figures) every month that these are so hard to find outside of Japan. 


Do you offer custom box to fit me?

After purchase, we take the questionnaire what kind of character you would like to see. Following your answers, we do our best to curate characters toys you would like to see.


When does my box ship?

We ship box (within 5 business days) after the order is placed and the monthly deal line have come

We estimate your BOX to arrive within 2-3 weeks after the ship date depending on your location. 

You will receive a confirmation email when your box ships from our warehouse in Tokyo, Japan.

If you have first order and want to receive your box as soon as possible, please contact our support team at sale@tokyo-outlet.com for assistance. 


When is the cutoff to order next month’s box?

Orders close at 11:59pm JST (UTC+0900) on the last day of the month. Any orders placed after then will be dated as the 1st of the following month. 


I never received my box. Can I send a new box to me?

We are very sorry that your box did not make it to you safely. If it is past the 4 week delivery period, please contact our support team at sale@tokyo-outlet.com for assistance. 


I do not like my box. Can I get my money back?

Our box contents are a change each month. You cannot request a refund or an exchange if you do not like the contents of your box.

However, you can contact our support to let us know what you did not like about the box and what kind of character you would like to see more of.

We will gladly take your suggestions into consideration for future BOX. We are always improving our BOX. 



 Will my box take longer to ship?

The delivery times will vary greatly. We estimate BOX to be delivered within 2-3 weeks after the ship date.

Due to delays with customs, we ask that customers wait 4 weeks before inquiring about the delivery of their box. 


Will shipping system include tracking numbers?

Yes. box from Japan can be shipped by SAL (Surface Air Lifted) or REGISTERED AIR SMALL PACKET (International ePacket).

SAL (With Tracking number) are the main shipping method for us, and is reasonable and reliable form of international shipping.


My box is being sent back to you. Will you resend my box?

Box will returns to us when an address is input wrong in Account information, or if the delivery attempt was unsuccessful after some tries.

If the address is changed after the deal line or too close to the shipping date, we may be use the old address on the Account.

We can not guarantee the time or day because Post Service will make delivery, so it is important for us to have an address on file that Post Service can accept shipment at any time.

If you are having your Box sent to a commercial building, Post Service may be made before or after business hours. Please keep this in mind.

We will not be able to issue a refund for Box until we can confirm that it is been sent back to our warehouse.



When will I be charged?

You will receive your initial charge immediately after your first order. 


When I sign up for subscription, is it all charged up front?

Yes. You are charged in advance the full discounted price for your subscription. 


How do I cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription in your Account whenever you like. If you would like to cancel, login your Account and click the “cancel” button in your order. 

You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation shortly after completed the cancellation process.

Please be sure to cancel your subscription before your billing date to avoid renewing your subscription for the next cycle. 


How do I reactivate my cancelled subscription?

You can reactivate your subscription in your Account. When you reactivate your subscription, you are immediately charged. Please check your renewal date after reactivation! 

Please keep in mind that your subscription will reactivate for the same subscription length as you had when your subscription canceled. If you are interested in another BOX before you reactivate, please contact us! 


Can I purchase just one box?

Yes. You can select one-time purchase "Gift box". 


Can I cancel and refund my subscription half way?

You will only be able to cancel future subscription renewals. We can not refund the remainder of the subscription.

This applies to all subscriptions (3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions). Before ordering your subscription, please keep this in mind.

If you are unsure whether you want to stick to a subscription long-term, we suggest you try out one-time purchase (Gift box) and short-term box. 


Why did my subscription renew?

All of our subscriptions renew themselves after the subscription cycle ends.

In order to place a one time subscription, you will need to cancel your order prior to the next billing date.

If you fail to cancel your subscription before your billing date, you will be charged for a subscription renewal. You can cancel future renewals, but you will not be refunded for the new renewal. 


My box was received damaged.

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can look into this for you.

We advise that customers take photos as soon as they receive or open their box. This is especially important for damaged items so please do not discard the box before taking a photo.

Sending a photo will help us assess your case faster! Also if you have received a customs notice please attach that to your email as well.

Any damages to the box or the packaging of a product will not quality for replacement if the content is undamaged. Broken items such as cookies and fragile snacks also may not quality for replacement.

All cases will be reviewed and handled at the discretion of us. We have limited quantities of inventory each month, so damaged items must be reported within 5 days of delivery. 

Replacement items will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks. If we do not have the damaged item in stock, credit will be applied to your account instead. 


What payment options are available? 

We currently accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) and PayPal. 


Does the total shipping cost include International customs & taxes?

We do not charge for customs and taxes as it is collected by your country at the time of delivery. It is advised that you inquire with your local postal service to get an estimate for the fees to be collected.

Please keep in mind that because the customs tax is charged by your local government, we are not liable for extra charges that you may receive and we do not have control over the import taxes.

We also understate the value of our box so that they are less likely to be charged customs fees.