Get monthly box filled with your favorite characters' figure!!

Who Tokyo Outlet is?

Tokyo Outlet is Japanese pop culture figure monthly subscription box service!!

We offer Used Japanese pop culture figure monthly box filled with your favorite Japanese pop culture characters!!


SILVER box includes 1 middle size figure/collectables & 2 mini size figure/collectables!!


GOLD box includes 2 middle size figure/collectibles & 2 mini size figure/collectables!!


Platinum box includes 1 special figure/collectables, 2 middle size figure/collectibles & 2 mini size figure/collectables!! 


Custom-made box for you

After purchase box, we take the questionnaire what kind of characters you would like to see! 

Used figures?

Every figures we have offered you is selected on beauty, clean and quality basis by our team loving Japanese pop culture. 

Give Gift for your family, friend and yourself!!

Guess what is in your BOX?

Check in detail Japanese pop culture figure & mini figure!

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